3Rabbitz Book 1.5.9 Release Notes

Newly Added or Changed Features

Setting Alias to Chapter or Paragraph

You can set an alias to the chapter or the paragraph. If the alias is set, the web viewer's url address will be configured with the alias instead of the uuid of chapter or paragraph.

When the alias is not set


When the alias is set


You can set the alias for the chapter at the “Update Chapter” form.

You can set the alias for the paragraph in the “Paragraph Options” form.

Refer to the following when you set an alias.

Improving File Attachments Functions

Managing Many Files Conveniently

The file list is divided into the pages, so you can conveniently manage the many files.

1The file list is divided into the pages.

2You can sort the file list by clicking each column header. The default sort order is latest file upload time.

Sharing the Files with Other Users

When you insert a file into a document, other users can also insert the same file in the same document.

1You can insert a file link by selecting the one from the files which are uploaded by yourself or from the files which are inserted into a document.

2If you click <Exclude> link, this file cannot be downloaded. To enable the file download, you should insert the file link again.

When you insert a file link into the document, this file is assumed to be included to the document.

Adding New Web Viewer which Displaying only Selected Chapter, Section, or Paragraph

The new web viewer which displays only selected chapter, section, or paragraph is added.

To use this web viewer, you should configure the link as follows.


Please replace uuid with the actual uuid of chapter, section, paragraph which you want to display.

When you want to use an alias, you should insert the publishing link of book as follows.



Web Viewer

Adding New Web Viwer Layout Options

The web viewer layout supports following new options.

Hiding List of Figures and List of Tables

List of figures and list of tables are not displayed when you hide the chapter which type is the list of figure or the list of tables. For example, if 1you hide the list of figure chapter as follow,

In the web viewer, the 2list of figures will be not displayed.

Resizing the Width of Content Panel according to the Width of Web Browser

When the width of web browser is narrow, the width of content panel will be resized to prevent the horizontal scrollbar appearing.

Hiding Some Function Buttons When the Width of Web Browser is Narrow

1Some function buttons will be hidden when the width of web browser is narrow.

Supports for Arrows in the Visual Editor

1New arrow object is added.

You can change 2the type of the arrow.

Changing Max Number of Table Rows as 50

Max number of table rows which you choose when inserting the table paragraph is changed from 10 to 50.

Supports for MS SQL Server

You can use MS SQL Server as 3Rabbitz Book's database.

Bug Fixes