3Rabbitz Book 1.5.7 Release Notes

Newly Added or Changed Features

Group Management

You can create a group and assign users to the group.

Group Management

In the 1<Groups> menu, you can 2create, 3update, and 5delete a group.

You can assign users to a group by clicking <4Change Member> link.

Change Member

When updating access control of the document, you can select not only users but also groups.

Update Access Control

Separately configuring the inside and outside margin of PDF Page Layout

Inside and outside margin of a left page can be set differently with inside and outside margin of a right page.

Indenting Section

You can indent section below the heading as the following.

Section Indentation is supported only in PDF. This is not supported in Web Viewer and EPUB.

You can set section indentation in theme. In the 2Paragraph tab of 1Heading menu, set the 3section indentation value.

Article Web Viewer

Article Web Viewer’s UI has been improved and some functions have been added.


Bug Fixes